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Who We Are?

Thirty Years, and Still the Best...

Rekha Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines in Kerala, has a track record of thirty years of exemplary service, and is well on its way to scale greater heights of glory and eminence in the years to come.

It is a known fact that tradition plays an integral role in the field of Ayurveda, in the aspects of treatment as well as manufacture of medicines. In fact, it is tradition that has fortified the sustenance and growth of most of the famous Ayurvedic institutions in the State.

The renowned Kunnath family of Anthikkad village in Thrissur District is one which can proudly claim to have possessed such a tradition, with more than four generations of trusted and dedicated service in the field. Dr. Ramdas, the son of the famous Kunnath Ramakrishnan Vaidyar and a well-known practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, established Rekha Pharmaceuticals at Pudukod, a village in Palakkad district thirty years back, which, over the years, has blossomed into a full- fledged Ayurvedic manufacturer of outstanding repute in Kerala.

The most prominent feature that has enabled this institution to carve a niche for itself in the industry is its uncompromising insistence on quality, as well as the various well defined marketing/distribution benchmarks that it has adopted throughout these years. Moreover, it has been highly successful in imbibing the essence of Ayurveda, which has had a tremendous impact on its holistic growth and evolution.

The most unique characteristics that make Rekha Pharmaceuticals a cut above its peers, are the following:

  • The use of traditional and indigenous manufacturing methods by avoiding modern mechanized systems
  • Strict adherence to instructions cited in authentic Ayurvedic texts
  • Quality sustenance of medicines through the use of firewood stoves, hand-wrought tablets and mud vessels for the preparation of arishtas
  • Direct marketing and distribution of medicines to doctors and hospitals without middlemen
  • Cultivation, collection and use of herbs and plants under a highly natural ecological environment
  • A sales system which does not depend on catchy advertisements, attractive benefits or discounts that are provided to shops and hospitals

As we complete thirty years of trusted service in the industry, we solicit your continued support, and look forward to more cooperation from each of you in all our future endeavours.

  • Our Objectives and Motto
    • To preserve, conserve & provide the rich tradition of this ancient science for the body, mind and soul in the purest & traditional form.
    • To be an unparalleled institution for the study, research & treatments of Ayurveda; manufacturing of generic medicines in the purest form and the development of medicines for the treatment of new and chronic diseases.
    • To enhance the reach of Ayurveda the world over in the most economical & effective way.
  • Pharmaceutical Division

    Rekha Pharmacuticals upholds a rich tradition in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines and treatment of patients and maintains high quality standards. Using the vast possibilities of their own medical herbal garden, this traditional house of Ayurveda ensures that each product is made according to the stipulated herbal formulae recorded in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. This makes the medications retain their uniqueness and purity.

  • Research and Development

    The truly remarkable ancient healing system, Ayurveda, when brought under strict scientific research and analysis, produces a wide range of medications that are well researched, safe and effective. India has a wide variety of medicinal plants that are used in various traditional systems of medicine. Proper scientific validation of these herbs and their mechanism of action, bio-active composition and standardization will indeed produce an array of effective medications and treatments.

  • Herbal division

    Almost 80% of the raw materials for Ayurvedic drugs are plant based. Recent advances in modern medicine have increased the risk of toxic effects of drugs and synthetics on the human system. The plant based drugs on the other hand are devoid of side effects. The drugs prepared at Rekha Pharmaceuticals are manufactured strictly adhering to the age-old herbal formulae and scholarly insights of preparing them which ensures purity and effectiveness.